October 26, 2017


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Welcome to the Pura Soul blog. We’ve decided to start with a thorough explanation of our unique name.

The name Pura Soul has deep roots. It embodies the spirit we live by and pays homage to the countless transformative and powerful experiences that we shared when we first truly fell in love in Costa Rica.

Pura Soul is a mix of Spanish and English encouraging us to continue to learn and challenge ourselves. ‘Pura’ means ‘pure’ reminding us to keep a pure soul and mindfully grow our business. ‘Soul’ phonetically sounds very similar to the Spanish word ‘sol’ which means light or sun and photography is all about light. Pura Soul together is a play on the Costa Rican saying ‘Pura Vida’ which directly translates to mean ‘pure life’ and embodies all that is good in life.

We obviously both love photography and you’ll see a lot of that here. We will continue to post recent shoots and weddings but we’ll also use this space as our travel journal. Together, we’ve traveled to 61 countries and in November we’re adding a new one to the list! You’ll have to check back to find out where we’re going.

Aside from photography and traveling, we both love to exercise and eat a plant-based diet. We eat everything (meat, cheese & sugar included) but veggies are our fav food group. Devin is a wonderful cook so you may see occasional food posts. Skylar loves interior decor so you may see some interior design inspiration as well.

We spend most of our time behind the lens capturing weddings, engagements, commercial work and travel that we often times forget to snap photos of ourselves but we’re working on changing that.¬†All together, this is a place for us to grow and share what we love with you. Here we go…

Big hug,

Sky + Devin

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