December 24, 2018

FEATURED: Martha Stewart | Holiday Home Tour Christmas Trees and Christmas Engagement

FILED IN: Pura Soul

We are honored and very excited to share our very first feature in Martha Stewart with you! The story posted December 21, 2018 in Martha Stewart. It is a stunning home tour and holiday party that will inspire your future holiday decorating.
Devin and I made goals for 2018 and one of them (the one I was intimidated to announce) was to be featured by Martha Stewart. We are so proud and excited that these photos have a fun home outside of our hard drives.
This is incredibly fun for me because I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart, her magazines, cookbooks, her show (I went to a live taping in NYC with my gma in 2011), everything I grew up around! I can still remember when I was 12, my mom made me watch a special episode on how to iron a dress shirt. She told me how I would “need to know this one day”. Martha was a staple in my home growing up and we mentioned her frequently. This is a huge milestone for us at @purasoulphoto and we’re thrilled to share this spectacular home and engagement celebration with all of you. Thank you for your love and support. Wouldn’t be possible without the fun collaboration that happened last year in little Wilmington, NC. Cheers to the team The Cape Fear Garden Club, Goldie Stetten, Alexandra Churchill, Focus on the Coast Weddings, Laurel Maulstby, Blush House of Beaute, Lumnia Gem, Gentlemen’s Corner Wilmington, Drewe Smith, Zia Boutique, Zia Bird, Enchanted Home, Fortuny, Shepherd, Nicole, Scott, MacKenzie Child’s, Balsam Hill, Pink Baking Company, Christopher Radko, Jonathan Charles Furniture and Martha Stewart. Find the full feature here through this link.

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